Civic Commons: I’ll remember if you will–2011 in Civic Commons Radio land

In this edition of Civic Commons Dan, Noelle and Luke look back on the 40 shows that aired in 2011 and play some of their most memorable clips. Click the link below to hear the story.

Show 41

On the Air

cavalieri reale il tuo mondo @11:37
roberto polisano vola vola vola @11:34
orchestra gigi chiappin mari @11:30
orchestra mario riccardi casa e chiesa @11:25
omar lambertini l'ultimo tango @11:21
pietro galassi ti sposero @11:18
gigi chiappin il primo fiore @11:13
michael castaldo ave maria @11:10
giulian e i baroni baila @11:05
gigi chiappi mi paraiso @11:02
moreno fruzzetti vola vola @10:57
gruppo folk siciliano a pasta col salsa @10:50

Polish Freight and Music Co.

Polish polkas
@Noon w/Brian "the Party" and Mike "the Mailman" - Polish

Bocskai Radio - The Voice of Hungary

@2 pm w/Lorand - Hungarian Music, News, Language, and Culture