Making the Case Featuring Regina Griffin

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Making the Case Featuring Regina Griffin

This edition of Making the Case features Regina Griffin. Regina Griffin is the Executive Producer of BrownBabies: The Mischlingskinder Story. She is an Emmy award-winning news producer formerly of CBS News and is currently Executive Producer of Sunday Morning Programming at WUSA-TV.

BrownBabies: The Mischlingskinder Story is a powerful new documentary which tells the story of six so-called “brown babies” born in postwar occupation Germany. They were born to German women and African-American soldiers. As illegitimate, biracial,bicultural children who were unwanted by enemy nations, their lives weretragic. For the first time BrownBabies: The Mischlingskinder Story reveals this little known remarkable piece of history through the compelling life stories of the children and their birth parents.

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