Making the Case Featuring Charles D’Angelo

This edition of Making the Case features Charles D’Angelo. Charles D’Angelo is the author of  Think and Grow Thin: The Revolutionary Diet and Weight-loss System That Will Change Your Life in 88 Days!

This one-stop comprehensive guide targets your mind more than your muscles to help you battle the mindset that’s making you fat. The book is filled with inspirational success stories along with photographs. For more information visit


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Dan Miraldi Yonder St Sebastian @9:46
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Night Demon Axe Crazy (live) @9:31
Night Demon Night Demon (live) @9:27
Night Demon The Chalice (live) @9:22
Night Demon Lightning To The Nations (live) @9:18
Night Demon Satan (live) @9:14
Night Demon Livin' Dangerous (live) @9:09
Night Demon The Howling Man (live) @9:03
Night Demon Ritual (live) @8:59