Civic Commons: Make Lemons into Lemonade

It’s the old, “when life gives you lemons…” saw. But darn’d if it ain’t true that doing so makes the world a better place. Join Dan, Noelle and Luke as they look at three examples of taking stuff that isn’t so desirable (sludge, old medical equipment and poop) and turning it into incredibly valuable and important stuff (a nature preserve, life-saving supplies and compressed natural gas). It’s a tall glass of refreshing lemonade for thirsty listeners.

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Headphone Activist Zephyr @12:37
Lana Del Rey Off to the Races (remix) @12:32
Haterade CLICK @12:28
GRMM Level Up @12:22
Dead Battery Live Alone @12:20
Aluna George Supernatural (Train Remix) @12:17
Bingo Players Knock You Out @12:10
Arovane Toyko Ghost Stories @12:01
Andrew Bird Imitosis @11:39
Bruce Hornsby Big Swing Face @11:32
Eilen Jewell Rio Grande @11:26
Los Lonely Boys Heart Won't Tell A Lie @11:22

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