Civic Commons: Development Baklava

When is a super sweet Turkish pastry like a multi-million dollar real estate deal? When the multi-layered phyllo dough looks just like the multi-layered financing dough (and tastes just as sweet at closing). Join Dan and Noelle as they take a look at the complex world of development financing, where every layer is both savory and fragile at the same time. (

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Living in Oblivion

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Lana Del Rey Florida Kilos @11:16
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Deadmau5 Ghosts N Stuff @11:07
Madonna Bedtime Story @11:02
Coldplay Low / The Hardest Part @10:52
Lorde Glory and Gore @10:48
Arcde Fire You Already Know @10:44
Little Boots Meddle @10:41
Chrvches Tether @10:36
MGMT Electric Feel @10:32
Britney Spears Perfume @10:28
The Killers When You Were Young / Bling Confession Of A King @10:20

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