Wednesday Heights Merchant of the Day: Grumpy’s Cafe

Receive a $10 gift card to Grumpy’s Cafe in Tremont with your $30 pledge to Radiothon during The Heights (6am-6pm) on Wednesday. Help WJCU Thrive & Survive this Radiothon with your $30 pledge to enjoy a great night of eating in Tremont. You can find Grumpy’s Cafe at 2621 West 14th Street in Cleveland.

For more information on Grumpy’s Cafe, click here. You must call 216-397-4438 with your donation to Radiothon in order to receive the $10 gift card to Grumpy’s Cafe. Thank you in advance for supporting WJCU’s To Thrive & Survive Radiothon.

On the Air

Espresso 5 Anema Cuore @10:00
Liepos Kelk, dukrele @8:58
Lietuvos Dailes Muziejaus Ansamblis Dvi pastroles "Jura," "Kopos" @8:53
Lietuvos Dailes Muziejaus Ansamblis skamba skamba kankles @8:52
Saule zanavyku aplinkinis @8:48
Kulgrinda Snaudala @8:46
Kulgrinda Duno upe @8:43
Visi Kelk kelk draugeli @8:40
Vytautas Siskausks Lietuva (musu kaimas) @8:28
Ovidijus Vysniauskas Kur bega sesupe @8:24
Deivis ir Eduardas Kaniava Misterio X Arija @8:18
Dainava Exultate Volunge Brolis @8:12

Polish Freight and Music Co.

Polish polkas
@Noon w/Brian "the Party" and Mike "the Mailman" - Polish