Gen X Rock and Talk returns on a new night

GenX Rock and Talk Graphic Thursday

Gen X Rock and Talk returns to WJCU on a new night this fall! Join J. Thorn from 10-midnight every Thursday, as he plays the hits that powered Gen X. From MTV to grunge to mid-life crisis, J. Thorn plays the tunes and asks the questions important to the slackers who have become America’s dark horse demographic.

On the Air

YUI Again @8:51
Pigstar Kimi=Hana (君=花) @8:46
CIVILIAN 赫色 -akairo- @8:42
SuG R.P.G. -Rockin' Playing Game @8:38
MAN WITH A MISSION Raise Your Flag @8:34
Wagakki Band Sasameyuki @8:22
Kenshi Yonezu Peace Sign @8:18
Jin Hashimoto Stand Proud @8:13
ЯeaL Kagerou (カゲロウ) @8:09
Abingdon Boys School JAP @7:56
SID Monochrome no Kiss (モノクロのキス) @7:52
Asian Kung-Fu Generation Re:Re: (2016 Rerecorded) @7:46