Go back in time with Thursday Night Throwback

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Zach takes you back to the 80s with Thursday Night Throwback, every Thursday from 6 -8 pm!

On the Air

Asian Kung-Fu Generation Re:Re: (2016 Rerecorded) @7:46
LM.C 88 @7:42
UVERworld CORE PRIDE @7:38
OxT Clattonoia @7:28
After The Rain Anti Clockwise (解読不能) @7:24
OLDCODEX Rage On @7:20
GRANRODEO Can Do @7:15
Konomi Suzuki (鈴木このみ) Blow Out @7:12
Gary Moore Preacher Man Blues @12:59
MC5 Looking At You @12:55
MC5 Sister Anne @12:45