Channel your inner goth with our new show “Not a Phase”

The era of Warped Tour may have ended, but luckily, your emo phase never has to (because it’s Not A Phase, get it?). The “Not A Phase” radio program encompasses all subgenres of “emo” alternative rock music such as pop-punk, metalcore, post-hardcore, midwest emo, grunge, hardcore-punk, indie rock, electronicore, emo rap, and more. Enjoy your old favorites of the early 2000s, but definitely expect to hear a plethora of incredible new music and some less mainstream bands. So go ahead. Marinate in a pool of your own nostalgia. But at the same time, look forward to discovering new bands that will soon become your favorites. Above all, remember that the angst of your soul shall always live on!

On the Air

NOFX Corzon de Oro @4:22
Willy Mason The World I Wanted @4:18
The Knife You Take My Breath Away @4:13
Colin Meloy Sister I'm A Poet @4:10
Saves the Day Do You Know What I Love the Most? @4:09
Annuals Just Stay In @4:06
Hot Water Music Remedy @4:00
Radiohead Karma Police @3:56
Sonic Youth Dirty Boots @3:50
Devandra Banhart Lover @3:47
Jawbreaker Boxcar @3:45
Lackthereof Doomed Elephants @3:42

The Heights

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