Monday’s, 10pm – 12am: Punk & Hard Rock w/Zach

Our Own Riot Visual Promo (White Background)

Zach returns with Our Own Riot, bringing you a mix of punk and hard rock. Stop by every Monday from 10-midnight and rock out! As Zach would say: Some of us never stop being angsty teenager, we just get better at hiding it.

On the Air

Adriana Calcanhotto Justo Agora @8:55
Marta Gomez La Ronda @8:50
Toto La Momposina Yo Me Llamo Cumbia @8:46
Julian Avalos and Afro-Andes Mujer Magica @8:36
Rumillajta El Sicuri @8:33
Marta Gomez Carnavaliando @8:30
La Popular Landino @8:28
Viva Quetzal Caballo Viejo @8:24
Pascuala Ilabaca y Fauna Diablo Rojo Diablo Verde @8:22
Punto Nazca Linda Boliviana @8:19
Pena El Condor Pasa @8:17
Dueto Noctural Companero @8:14