Civic Commons

Civic Commons: Hi-Ho Hi-Ho Sustainable We All Shall Go

by on 2012-02-28

Join Dan and Noelle as they talk to Cleveland City Councilman Brian Cummins and Chris Trepal of Earth Day Coalition about burning trash and saving trees. Plus, the mysteries of triple bottom line are explained by Shaker Launch House’s Shannon Lyons and commentator Richard Andrews tells us why we should care about Black History Month. […]

Civic Commons: Rocked & Loaded

by on 2012-02-24

Last New Year’s Eve Youngstown rocked like an earthquake hit it. Because, well, it did. Since then there’s been a lot of loaded questions about drilling for oil and natural gas bounced around by politicians, environmentalists, oil and gas industry reps and anyone who felt the earth move under their feet. How come? Why here? […]

Civic Commons: Radio: And So With Trust So Shall Ye Reap Collaboration

by on 2012-02-16

Join Dan, Noelle and Luke as they drill down into the issues of government collaboration by discussing a recent City Club Forum on the wisdom and process of collaboration that included Randy Cole, President of the State Controlling Board, Kathy Mulcahy, Mayor of Orange Village, and Tony Paglia of the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber. Click below […]

Civic Commons: Recycle that trashy attitude

by on 2012-02-07

Trash talk isn’t just for sports–it’s for everybody who ever uses anything anywhere. Because there is no “away” when it comes to garbage, it always has to go somewhere, and how we deal with it is a measure of our commitment to our natural world and each other. So grab your bottles and cans, throw […]

Civic Commons: Prosecution, not Persecution

by on 2012-02-01

Fresh off the smashing success of the Civic Commons on-line forum that featured candidates vying to be the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor and citizens who wanted to know what they stood for (www., Dan and Noelle bring a bunch of new perspectives to prosecute in the studio. Well, really they just had some great conversation. Click […]

Civic Commons: Still Seeking Civility

by on 2012-01-25

Back in show #2 we decided that “civility” is an action word, and now, a year later, we take our act to Akron to see some more of it in action. Join Dan and Noelle as they learn about the stellar efforts of Akronites to make their community more civil, more inclusive and more affirming. […]

Civic Commons: Mommy, where do jobs come from? (Part 2)

by on 2012-01-19

In this week’s show Dan and Noelle continue the conversation on where jobs come from and how to increase the number of jobs. Click on the link below to hear the podcast.

Civic Commons: Mommy, where do jobs come from?

by on 2012-01-14

This week on the Civic Commons the gang discusses how jobs are created. They’ll also talk to someone who was hired from a newly created job. Click the link below to hear the story

Civic Commons: A Conversation with Connie Schultz

by on 2012-01-06

In this edition of the Civic Commons Dan and Noelle talk to columnist Connie Schultz and other women about their passions and politics. Click the link below to hear this podcast.

Civic Commons: Sometimes Navels Do Need Gazing!

by on 2011-12-30

This edition of the Civic Commons is about the Civic Commons.  Take a listen to Civic Commons’ President Mike Shafarenko as he sits down with Dan and Noelle and describes the work and the mission of The Civic Commons. Navel gazing? So what, sometimes navels do need gazing–especially when there’s lots of important content to be found […]

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