The Outspoken Cyclist – 11/5/2016

First show of November and it’s a great one!

We start with a bright, energetic go-getter by the name of Ayesha McGowan. Ayesha began racing at 28 and quickly shot up the ladder – winning the Cat 4 NY State Criterium Championship in 2015, she took first place at the 2016 NY State Road Race, and has her sights set on stage and time trial races for the upcoming season.

What’s so interesting besides the quick one-two wins? She’s a music teacher and is involved with the tandem group InTandem that trains captains to ride with sight-impaired stokers .

There’s a lot more to this young lady; just listen in!

Then we head to Washington, DC to talk with Keith Laughlin, executive director of Rails To Trails. Keith is a Washingtonian who has a great feel for what’s happening that might impact biking and waling at the highest levels of government and I always like checking in with him before a big election.
We also talk about what’s happening with the Rails to Trails organization including the roll out of a new program after years of study.

Lastly, we learn about Canada’s Waterfront Trail from executive director Marlaine Koehler. The Trail began as the vision of former Toronto Mayor David Crombie when the country started putting together the environment, the lake front, and bicycling.

Today, the Waterfront Trail is approaching 2,000km with dozens of great stops in historic places along the way.

Marlaine gives us some history, some travel information, and some incentive to put the Waterfront Trail on our cycling bucket lists.