The Outspoken Cyclist – 3/11/2017

First off, I’m introducing a new feature and want your help!!! In what I’m hoping will be an interesting and somewhat novel idea, I’m requesting that you – the listeners – be my newscasters.

Here’s how it will work. Send me a message on our Outspoken Cyclist’s FaceBook page or send me an email (moc.l1717006360iamg@1717006360tsilc1717006360ycnek1717006360opstu1717006360o1717006360) and tell me you would like to recount a news story.  In turn, I will send you a link to a story that I would like you to report on in the upcoming episode; or, you can let me know you have a story you’d like to report about on the show. Then, I will call you (or we can use Skype), will record you reporting on the story, and we can take a few moments to discuss it.

You don’t need any radio or podcast experience – you just have to be willing to offer up some thoughts about the story after you tell it and to want to have some fun!  So, don’t think about this too deeply – just send me a note and we’ll put it together.

Now, we’re ready for this week’s show.  My first guest is Zak Pashak.  Zak is the president of Detroit Bikes and has quite the interesting story to tell – from his days as a music promoter to his run for office to his journey to his adopted city of Detroit.  His extensive background belies his young age – he’s under 40 – and his thoughtful way of looking at the bike business, including his sponsorship of Robert Gagno, the reigning pinball champion, may just elevate the bike business to some new heights.

Then, we check in with Mr. Strong Towns Chuck Marohn.  I really like our conversations because he has such a positive perspective on what cities, government, and citizens can do to make their towns strong and vibrant.  Today, we talk about the Allendale neighborhood of Shreveport, Louisiana as they grapple with the proposal for a $700million dollar federal highway project that will plow through their residential neighborhood.  I’ll let Chuck tell you the rest.

So, let me introduce you to Zak Pashak from Detroit Bikes.