Outspoken Cyclist – 4/28/2018

Marianne Martin – photographer, athlete, AND the first woman to win the Tour Cycliste Feminin (Tour de France – women’s!) back in 1984. Marianne and I chat about her top-of-the-podium finish, sharing her trophy with her 5 other teammates and standing next to the TdF men’s winner that year, Laurent Fignon.

We talk about her training, her thoughts on women in cycling, and her current work as a professional photographer.

Then, author and newly-minted entrepreneur, Brandale Randolph talks about his new cycling business 1854 Cycling Company.

In his 2014 TedX Talk at Texas Tech University, Brandale, who was then the founder of the Project Poverty in Lubbock, Texas, talks about his understanding of how poverty REALLY works and what we are doing wrong.

Taking that knowledge and moving to Framingham, MA., Brandale will be employing women in an effort to elevate them from poverty to a living wage while making a full line of eBikes. It’s a great story.