Outspoken Cyclist 9/18/2018

It is interesting how people come to the bicycle business and what compels them to do so.

My first guest is a commercial airline pilot – he’s also a dad with two young children, and… he’s a new frame builder. He’s not fresh out of school – obviously – but, his frames are starting to get some traction in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada as well as reaching further west into the country.

Matthew Manuel is the proprietor of Fluent Frames – and a great story as to how he came up with name – and we’ll talk with him in a moment.

Then, just to break it up, we’ll head to Provence, France where I caught up with Dylan Reynolds, the founder of Ride and Seek Bicycle Tours. As I mentioned on last week’s show, we will be talking about a new epic tour he is offering from Berlin to Budapest.

I ask Dylan what makes an epic tour, who rides with him and his many tour guides, and what we might expect different from Ride & Seek.

Then, it’s off to Vermont to speak with David Cain. David is a wood worker by trade; and, he fell in love with handlebar bags, panniers, and other bike bags when he saw a Rivendell bag he just could not get out of his mind.

Now, he spends as much time as he can making custom randonneuring and touring bags, along with some pretty clever accessories.