For the Greater Glory of Pod – Season 1, Episode 6

Episode 6: The Onion of JCU

Joe Miller ’59 joins Dave and Chelsea to explore the legend of Harry Gauzman. Enrolled in classes at JCU and even writing articles in the Carroll News, was Harry Gauzman an actual student at Carroll? Join us to find out.


On the Air

Metal on Metal

Import and independent heavy metal.
w/Bill Peters - Import / Independent Heavy Metal
Ambush Leave Them To Die @8:19
Thor Rising @8:14
DeadRisen Fear And Fury @7:59
DeadRisen Destiny @7:54
Midnight All Hail Hell @7:47
Midnight Rebirth By Blasphemy @7:44
Midnight Death Scream @7:38
Midnight Poison Trash @7:35
Midnight Woman Of Flame @7:31
Midnight Lust Filth And Sleeze @7:28
Midnight Filthy Speed And Darkness @7:24
Ihsahn Wratchchild @7:14