Outspoken Cyclist – 4/17/2021

This week, it’s about climate and carbon pricing first.

There is, of course, a sea change of thought and action in Washington about climate, thank goodness, and the need for action; and the bicycle industry has a place in that conversation. 

And, there’s has been a lot of talk about carbon pricing and frankly, I didn’t really understand it.  It’s not a new idea and in fact, what we are going to discuss with Randy Salim and Rich Fein from the Business Climate Leaders organization  in an effort to finally get the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend bill passed that has been introduced in Congress for the third time.

This time might be different though as momentum builds for a new infrastructure bill that includes climate initiatives to help stem the rise of greenhouse gases.

And, to that end, more than 200,000 people from over 1,000 companies are actively involved in the Business Climate Leaders organization.

My second guest is Kendall Young from SpinCycle LLC.  Working behind the scenes as the guy behind the guy behind the guy, as he puts it, Kendall matches his clients with product managers to spec bicycles.

And, after over the 30 years in the business, he has some deep insight as well as sage advice as we face months-long waits for parts and accessories.

Kendall Young works with high-end European brands and talks to all the US product managers to spec products that we all want to buy.

In an editorial for Bicycle Retailer titled “the value of diversifying the supply chain,” Kendall stresses a need to move from single-source suppliers to multi-source options and as our conversation unfolds, he explains the reality of the shortages and what we can expect and when.