Outspoken Cyclist – 6/5/2021

In an article she wrote for teamusa.org’s triathlon site on May 19th, Clarice Lorenzini says:

“I’m Clarice Lorenzini and I’m Here To Make A Difference.”

As the only Asian-American Pro Triathlete on the Ironman Circuit, Clarice is bound and determined to race proud as a member of the AAPI community as well as give back to the cycling community at large with ongoing advocacy.

Our conversation today runs the gamut from where she grew up and went to college – in NY – to what she does in addition to racing and coaching and we get into some depth about why more Asian Americans aren’t racing on the pro circuit and why it’s important that we talk about it.

Racing her first Ironman as a sponsored pro in Tulsa recently – apropos as it coincided with the commemoration of the Tulsa Massacre – Clarice and I delve into what’s it’s like to stand on the start line and not see anyone who looks like you.

In February of 2020, we spoke with Elli Sias from Cycle of Life Adventures as she explained what it was taking to get even the smallest group on tour. 

Now, bicycle touring is opening up again after the fifteen or so months of shut-down, and Elli;s business is not only open – it’s booming.  With an already 80% full rate on many of her offerings,  Elli and I talk about three of her many wonderful adventures including the Asheville Fundo, the Bluegrass and Bourbon Tours – oh, yeah… we’re up for that; and the 33-day epic Mighty Mississippi tour.