The Outspoken Cyclist – 06/25/2011

I usually have no shortage of witty things to say about each week’s installment of The Outspoken Cyclist. Today I find myself at a loss for words because anything I could say would pale in comparison to the stories of our guests this week. Read on for an overview of the show if you wish, or skip to the end and start listening.

You may already be familiar with Richard Sachs, but regardless, I bet you’ll find out something you never knew about one of those most respected framebuilders in the world today after you hear Diane’s interview with him.

‘Tis the season for bicycle touring, and Diane gets into the details with Rich Snodsmith of Backroads, one of the premier worldwide biking, hiking, kayaking vacation companies.

Finally, July is RAGBRAI time, and Diane catches up with T.J. Juskiewicz, one of the ride directors for this week-long rolling party on two wheels that crosses Iowa every summer.


On the Air

Metal on Metal

Import and independent heavy metal.
w/Bill Peters - Import / Independent Heavy Metal
Shok Paris Do Or Die @7:33
Vicious Rumors Death Eternal @7:27
Mad Max Hurricaned @7:24
Deadline High-Tops & Bullet Belts @7:18
Night Demon Wasted Years (live) @7:08
Night Demon The Sun Goes Down @7:00
Night Demon 100 MPH (w/Tim Baker from Cirith Ungol) @6:57
Night Demon Fast Bikes @6:54
Night Demon Vysteria @6:48
Night Demon Are You Out There @6:40
Night Demon Kill The Pain @6:36
Night Demon Empires Fall @6:34