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Getting involved with WJCU is a multi-step process. The process differs for John Carroll students and community members.

For JCU Students

All currently registered John Carroll students are eligible to enroll in COM 1104 – Radio Boot Camp, a one credit half-semester course offered twice per semester each fall and spring. The class typically consists of seven weekly class sessions and a scheduled studio training regimen with a current on-air host. Once the training class exams and checklists are successfully completed, students can become certified and are eligible to apply for an on-air shift during WJCU’s Heights format. After successful completion of one semester on the Heights, students are vetted and eligible to apply for their own shows. Students who are unable to fit COM 1104 in their schedule may become involved with other station operations, such as production, promotions, and sports, and may be trained outside for on-air work outside of COM 1104 at the sole discretion of the General Manager.

Students who are interested in taking COM 1104 should fill out the form below to request a force add as the class usually fills to the listed capacity.

For Members of the Community

WJCU currently features a number of shows serving specific segments and interests of our community that are hosted/produced by community members on a purely voluntary basis. Because WJCU strives to serve our community as we provide an educational platform for our students, we limit applications for community-produced shows to those with a specific service interest and focus. Applications for these shows are accepted on only a limited and intermittent basis, as our schedule permits. WJCU is under no obligation to consider, accept, or air any community programming.

If you have an idea for a show that you believe would benefit our community, please email General Manager Jasen Sokol (ude.u1721145024cj@lo1721145024kosj1721145024) that includes the following information:

1) Nature of the proposed show’s content (music, talk, interview, news, documentary, etc) and focus (musical genres, audience, topics)

2) Your contact information

WJCU will acknowledge receipt of your proposal and advise you of its disposition when we receive it – thanks!