WJCU can be heard throughout the Cleveland area via FM radio at 88.7 MHz. WJCU also streams our broadcast online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for listeners around Cleveland and across the world.

Mobile devices

We’ve recently released apps to make streaming from both Android and iPhone devices as easy as listening from your computer! If you’re listening from one of these platforms, we recommend you check out WJCU for Android and WJCU for iOS.

WJCU-FM live streams

AAC streams

AAC is our higher quality, more efficient stream format. If you can play this stream, it’s the one we recommend.

If you’d like to listen to our higher-quality AAC stream but you don’t have a compatible player, we recommend VLC, a great, free player that is available for many operating systems, including Windows, OS X, Linux, BSDs, and Android.

MP3 streams

MP3 is our most compatible format–it plays on just about anything that can play audio! However, more data is sent to achieve a similar quality to the AAC stream.

WJCU-TWO Special Event Live Streams

WJCU-TWO is our special events, web-only stream, and carries programming only during scheduled events such as expanded sports coverage, live concerts, etc.

WJCU2 is only available during special events.

WJCU TWO Webstream Broadcast Schedule


On the Air

Tennis I Miss That Feeling @10:28
Marina and the Diamonds Scab and Plaster @10:24
Father John Misty Dissapointing Diamonds... / Just Dumb Enough To Try @10:16
AURORA Queendom @10:12
Halsey Alone (Calvin Harris Remix) @10:08
Lykke Li hard rain @10:04
Bushmaster Big Back Yard @9:58
Wilson Pickett Engine Number 9 @9:55
Smoove I'm A Man @9:52
Laura Vane & The Vipertones Steam @9:46
Thornetta Davis Feels Like Religion @9:42
Chuck Brown and Eva Cassidy Dark End Of The Street @9:39

The Heights

@6 am Adult Album Alternative and Community News