The Outspoken Cyclist – 06/09/2012

The cycling season is in full swing here in the Northern Hemispere, and whether you’re riding for sport or transportation, we’ve got something for you on this week’s Outspoken Cyclist.

Are you an “advanced cyclist”? Our first guest, Hunter Allen can quickly help you answer that question. If you are, or if you want to be, his new book Cutting Edge Cycling: Advanced Training for Advanced Cyclists will show you how. Even if you’re ‘just a guy or gal on a bike’ (like me), Hunter’s discussion of power meters and the various metrics and training zones is really interesting stuff. If and when you’re ready to train with power, Hunter is the go-to guy.

There is more than one way to be an advanced cyclist, and another way is to become proficient and comfortable riding on the roadways as a a vehicle (“I’m not riding in traffic; I am traffic.”). Joining us in the second half of the show to talk about riding safely and effectively on the road is Keri Caffrey. Keri is the woman behind Cycling Savvy, a 9-hour course designed to help anyone from a beginner to an advanced cyclist confidently and safely negotiate all types of urban and suburban traffic situations.


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