The Outspoken Cyclist – 07/14/2012

It’s a week of question and answers (some of the answers are even even correct!) on this week’s Outspoken Cyclist…

Should women be encouraged to ride bicycles? We don’t need the LAB’s Carolyn Szczepanski to tell us the answer to that one is “yes!” But we do need her and the National Women’s Bike Summit to help us figure out how to bring more women into cycling.

Does Indiana get more hours of daylight than Ohio? Does it rain more in Indy than in Cleveland? No and maybe, and you can find out for yourself by riding across Indiana in one day on the RAIN ride. Get all the details from RAIN Ride Director Jim Schroeder.

Workplace rules or unconstitutional witch hunt? You be the judge as Diane and I kibitz on the validity of the USADA investigation into Lance, Johann, and the Disco/Postal machine.

Should everything on your bike be made of carbon fiber? Only if it’s designed and made in the U.S.A. by Enve Composites. Get the stiff yet light scoop on this ubiquitous material from Enve CEO Jason Schiers.


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