The Outspoken Cyclist – 09/08/2012

Kicking off this first post-Labor Day 2012 show is a conversation with Karen Bliss. Karen is known as the American cyclist with the most career wins. These days, she’s the VP of Marketing for Fuji Bicycles, and she’s an active participant the bicycle industry as a whole. Karen has a most interesting perspective as a woman and former racer.

In the second half of the show, we get a chance to hear from a guy with simply amazing tales to tell, and a way of telling them that conveys his sense of adventure and fun. Willie Weir is a world cycle tourist, author, columnist for Adventure Cycling, and a heck of a fun guy. Diane’s conversation with him is sure to brighten your week.


On the Air

Hachig Kazarian Medley @6:55
Mesrop Mashtots Sharakan @6:50
Sibil Desnem Anin U Nor Mernem @6:40
Tata Simonyan Tsakighner @6:25
Nshianko Nazeli Aghchik @6:21
Chuko Marikeri Olore @6:17
Kohar Symphony Orcestra and Choir Ashdarag @6:13
Adiss Harmanian Kooyr Im Nazeli @6:09
Armenchik Aysor @6:04
Veratun Sharen @5:56
Hrant & Gayane Sasun @5:51
Aram Asatryan Sulem Sulem @5:46

Latin Lingo

@8 pm w/La Voz - Spanish and Latin American

Red's Ramblin' Road

@9 pm w/Michelle - Classic Country