The Outspoken Cyclist – 12/22/2012

Nothing against the Mayans, but I love it when science turns out to be right. Happily, the only astronomical thing that happened on 12/21/2012 was another Winter Solstice. So enjoy that extra minute of daylight, and this episode of The Outspoken Cyclist.

It’s an all-girl show this week with Kelly Refer, who teaches yoga in Seattle, and has written a book called Pedal, Stretch, Breathe (the Yoga of Bicycling), and the return to TOC of Elly Blue from Portland, whose latest offering is entitled Everyday Bicycling. Two energetic and informed voices promoting better cycling and better health for us all.

We bid you happy and safe holidays, including, but not limited to: Festive Yule, Merry Christmas, and Peaceful Kwanzaa. We’ll be back at you one more time before the end of 2012.


On the Air

Hachig Kazarian Medley @6:56
Araik Khachatryan Sirun Arsanik @6:50
Arthur Meschian Vorovehtev Sirel Em @6:40
Arthur Davtian Es Sirum Em @6:27
Hayatsk Nana @6:23
New Age Armenia Medley @6:17
Nersik Ispirian Haryar @6:13
Karnig Sarkissian Hampere Hokis Hampere @6:08
Onig Looyr Em @6:04
Spartak Harutyunyan Du Lavn Es @5:54
Ara Dinkjian Dinata @5:50
Khatchadour Tankian Im Hayrig @5:45

Latin Lingo

@8 pm w/La Voz - Spanish and Latin American

Red's Ramblin' Road

@9 pm w/Michelle - Classic Country