The Outspoken Cyclist – 11/16/2013

Now that the “Truth Tap” is open and flowing with the misdeeds of Lance Armstrong, there is a library of books and a multiplex of movies coming out on the subject. This week we bring you a conversation with the producers of a new documentary about Armstrong entitled The Armstrong Lie. Frank Marshall and Matt Tolmach talk with Diane about the years-long process of getting this film made.

In the second half of today’s Outspoken Cyclist,  we turn our attention to the ugly subject of crashes and injuries. If you ride a lot of solo miles, how will you summon help if you are incapacitated by a crash? It’s hard to dial that cell phone if you’re unconscious. IceDot has developed an impact sensor that pairs with your Bluetooth-equipped cellphone, and texts your pre-configured contacts if it detects a crash. First responders can also use IceDot to access your identity and medical information on-scene. There is more to tell than I can fit here, so listen to Diane’s interview with one of the IceDot developers, Chris Zenthoefer.


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