The Outspoken Cyclist – 03/08/2014

Life is dangerous, and since cycling is part of life (for some of us it is life) cycling is by extension, also dangerous. Fortunately, the risk/reward area of our brains understands that the benefits of a bike ride outweigh the dangers, and we mount up and head out. Tragically, sometimes the odds catch up with us, as in the case of Columbus, Ohio teacher Bob Lennon, who was hit and killed last September by a vehicle driven by Mary Paul. On February 24th, Paul was sentenced to 4-1/2 years in prison, order to pay restitution, and had her driver’s license revoked for life.

Today on The Outspoken Cyclist, Diane talks with Kenneth Oswalt, the Licking County Prosecutor who handled the case in Delaware county. Oswalt gives us his impressions on how the case was handled, the significance of the sentence, and his views on car/bike interaction.

After the news and a break, we lift the mood a bit, and speak with Dwan Shepard, owner of Co-Motion Cycles in Eugene, Oregon. Co-Motion is best-known for their tandems (but they also make great single bikes) and their awesome, color-fade paint work. In today’s era of mega-conglomerates and growth-is-king mentality, it’s nice to find a company like Co-Motion that still focuses on making the type of high quality bikes their customers want.


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