The Outspoken Cyclist – 11/8/2014

While I attend the Philly Bike Expo this weekend, we put together what I think is a most interesting show.

Most cyclists like beer, right? So, I decided to find the best source for the skinny on beer – how it’s made, what’s new for the holidays, and whether or not beer is good for you. I discovered the mother-lode when I found the managing editor of Beer Connoisseur Magazine, Jonathan Ingram.

Jonathan helped me to understand some of the nuances of craft beers and what is trending for the holiday season. He also filled me in on what is and isn’t healthy about beer and why some beers actually do taste better when they’re warm.

After we talk with Jonathan and offer up some of this week’s tasty news, we come back to speak with the amazing Rebecca Rusch.

Her nickname is the “Queen of Pain” – but, she isn’t the biggest, or strongest, or even fastest. Rebecca Rusch IS the grittiest and most determined athlete on the endurance-athlete scale by any and every measure.

Now, at age 45 she has conquered what might take multiple lifetimes for others and ourconversation covers everything from her younger days of insecurities, her failures, and her triumphs. Her new book, Rusch to Glory:Adventure, Risk and Triumph on the Path Less Traveled, is out on Velo Press and might be just the inspiration you need to push yourself to that next level.

So, pour yourself a frosty one and let’s go.