The Outspoken Cyclist – 1/10/2015

We’re broadcasting from the deep-freeze that is NE Ohio this week! The morning began sunny with a temperature of 0 degrees. But, it’s January and it’s what we can expect.

There was good news this week as the Baltimore police revealed that their investigation into the death of Tom Palermo by the Episcopal Bishop Heather Cook has resulted in charges of manslaughter, DUI, leaving the scene, and more… I’m hoping this high-profile case will be a tipping point in bringing not only justice for cyclists but recognition by authorities country-wide that something needs to change the way cyclists (and pedestrians) are treated and it needs to change now!

Meanwhile, this week’s show wraps up another case – the one in which Cherokee Schill – whose life was turned upside-down by a series of citations and an arrest for riding her bike on a road that does NOT prohibit cyclists from riding – is finally settled! While the end results weren’t perfect, Cherokee will tell us how it all unfolded in court and how she is ready to move on with her life.

Then, we talk about Velominati – say WHAT? Yep – Frank Strack is the Head Keeper of the Velominati and tells us about the rules, the lexicon, and the purpose of his worldwide “organization”. With over 400,000 monthly hits to his blog and dozens of opportunities for the cyclist who wants to preserve the “culture” of cycling at its very core, you too can become a Velominatus!

Stay safe – stay warm – enjoy the show.