The Outspoken Cyclist – 2/21/2015

As we dig out from yet another snow storm, Tim and I want to thank you for your generous support during Radiothon 2015! We are pretty certain the station met its lofty fund raising goals AND you helped that, so thank YOU!

And, in an effort to take our minds off of the weather this week, we think ahead two weeks when I will head on down to Louisville, KY to attend NAHBS 2015.

With a promise of 55 degrees and sun for our weekend visit to NAHBS March 6th through 8th, Greg Fischer, Louisville’s pro-cycling Mayor, talks with us about all the important things that are happening in his town – Bourbon, The Cyclocross Worlds from 2013, the Mega Cavern Underground Mountain Bike Park, of course NAHBS 2015, and did I mention bourbon?

Mayor Fischer leads two cycling rides each year and 10-12,000 folks show up to join him. Bubbly enthusiastic about his city and its cycling amenities, Mr. Fischer is a forward thinking guy who is looking to “calm traffic”, increase ridership, and make Louisville a showcase for a good place to live, work, and ride.

After our news, we head on down to Wooster, Ohio to speak with Rody Walter from Groovy Cycleworks. (Remember, it’s not WOO-ster, it’s Wuh-ster.)

In his unique and eloquent style, Rody explains his version of handmade – a holistic way of looking at his work – that produces his one-off creations. Rody shares his advice on how business works – not only for a frame builder, but also for anyone who is thinking about entrepreneurship.

At NAHBS, Rody and 4 other frame builders will join me to talk about the “custom business” and our conversation this evening will give you some insight into what that discussion will be.