The Outspoken Cyclist – 10/31/2015

Boo! Happy Halloween and the official end of October. Hope you’ve had a great week and are ready for a brand new episode of The Outspoken Cyclist.

This week, we go out to Boulder, Colorado to speak with journalist Joe Lindsey. His name is instantly recognizable as a contributing writer to many publications, not the least of which is “Bicycling Magazine”.

Joe, unlike many others who pen articles, review equipment, and comment on cycling, started out as a journalist and just kept right on going! His work has appeared in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Outside, and Men’s Journal to name a few.

Our conversation starts with his recently published article titled “Why We’re Not Covering the Lance Armstrong-Frankie Andreu Feud” (it’s besides the point) and traverses the gamut of cycling to transportation, advocacy, and whether the bicycling bubble is about to burst (no spoiler alert from me!)

Then, after our break and news, we head on up to Canada to speak with TDA Global Cycling’s Henry Gold. When we last talked with Henry back in January 2013, he was about to take a group on a four month excursion through Africa.

Now, after covering 6 continents, he is preparing a group for a fat-tire expedition through Antarctica to the South Pole – completing the last piece of the world puzzle – calling this new trip “The Last Degree” in reference to the “last degree of longitude”.

With permission from the authorities to make the trip, Henry has brought on adventurer and author of Winter Backpacking Ben Shillington to lead the group.

A 6-day training camp at Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba in February 2016, which is open to anyone who’d like to learn to ride under arctic conditions, is mandatory for those joining the group in December 2016.

So, lots of interesting stuff this week – let’s get to it.