The Outspoken Cyclist – 5/27/2017

This week we have a frame builder, an ultra-endurance cyclist, and a coach-trainer to entertain, inform, and motivate you.

Tyler Evans is one of the triad of partners at Firefly Bicycles in Boston. Along with Jamie Mederios and Kevin Wolfson (as well as newbie Daniel Leader) the company produces some of the most exquisite titanium bikes on the market.

Tyler explains how they create the finishes that you won’t see anywhere else and how each frame is documented from start to finish.

If you think all titanium is the same, this will change your thinking!

Guest #2 is ultra-endurance cyclist Mark Beaumont. Speaking from his home in the Scottish Highlands in between training sessions, Mark gives us a tutorial on what “endurance” really means.

Riding 16 hours a day, 4 hours at a time, Mark will be going “Around the World” covering 8,000 miles in 80 days to break a world record for time and distance. He will be riding his full carbon Koga with Shimano Di2 saying that it is extremely comfortable for the kind of time he needs to spend in the saddle each day.

When he isn’t performing these amazing feats, Mark helps his network of corporate sponsors as an advisor and ambassador.

Then, my third guest this week is certified coach and trainer, Jeff Horowitz. His new book, Ageless Strength – Strong and Fit for a Lifetime offers a simple, straightforward, and intelligent way to become balanced, strong, and functional – especially as we age.

So much fun in such a short one hour!


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