The Outspoken Cyclist – 6/24/2017

While climate change was our topic last week, this week we take a totally different road and look at how we often are our own worst enemies when it comes to success or failure – especially in sport.

I have a lengthy conversation with the husband and wife coaching team of Braveheart Coaching, Simon Marshall and Leslie Paterson.

I’m not sure it gets more qualified than these two when it comes to credentials and success. Their new book, The Brave Athlete – with the sub-title “calm the f**k down and rise to the occasion“, may sound a bit cheeky, but it conveys 320+ pages of solid information and advice in how to calm your “chimp brain”, balance your “professor” brain, and otherwise stop sabotaging your own successes.

If you tell yourself things such as “I feel fat”, “I keep screwing up”, or “I don’t handle pressure well”, you will find some spot on advice and a way to solve those nagging issues that keep you from success.

After my conversation with Simon and Lesley, we’ll take a short break and come back with some news stories – two of which relate to how athletes in fact do sabotage their successes, a possible big move in the industry by Rodale Press, and a study about how attached we are to our bikes.

Finally, we air the first of our National Bicycle Challenge stories today! Zac Monnier from Harrisburg, PA recorded his story for us and I believe it will inspire you to not only join the Challenge if you haven’t already, but to perhaps looks at advocacy in your City.

Remember that we are still taking 2-4 minute audio clips about why you joined the Challenge and what your goals are. Email an mp3 to moc.l1721571563iamg@17215715637102s1721571563eirot1721571563scbn1721571563
Enjoy the show!