The Outspoken Cyclist – 9/16/2017

Late last month, Brian and I received a message on FaceBook from Matthew Crompton, an Ohioan now living in Australia. He just completed a 5000km ride across Central Asia and, since he’s home visiting his folks, and having his trusty steed serviced, I thought I’d snag him and have a chat about living, working, and riding down under. Matt will be with me later in the show.

With The New England Builder’s Ball only one week away, I thought we could take a few minutes to catch up with show director Eric Weis – so he could slow down, take a breath, and give us any last minute updates before we all head out to Boston next weekend for the 7th annual NE Builder’s Ball.

We stay right there is Mass. to talk with one of the exhibitors who will be at the Builder’s Ball this year. Dave Dean is the inventor and maker of Sinewave products. When I first met Dave at NAHBS a few years ago, Sinewave was just making its debut; today, the company offers its original products – USB chargers that run from the generator power aboard your bike – to other add-ons including dynamos and hubs.

We’ll talk with Dave about his products, how he came to invent them, and what’s new since the last time I saw him.

Then it’s off to San Diego to talk with Len Gee, fundraising specialist with the EOD Warrior Foundation. If you don’t know what EOD stands for – as I didn’t until I delved in to the information about it – it’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal; and, just saying the words gave me chills  There is an upside to this story however, including a series of cycling events to help those who tackle this dangerous and often deadly work.

After our break, I’ll introduce you to Matthew Crompton – who will be right here in studio with me.

Let’s get over to Boston and get this episode of the show rolling.