Minding Your Business

Minding Your Business – Bulletproof

by on 2016-10-27

DB interviews guests to talk about tips to help you maintain your job at work in this episode of Minding Your Business.


Minding Your Business – Elevator Pitch

by on 2016-10-20

In this episode, DB interviews guests discuss the ways to make a pitch to a possible consumer.


Minding Your Business – Why We Buy

by on 2016-10-20

DB invites guests onto the show to discuss the different reasons why consumers make their purchases in this episode.


Minding Your Business – Corporate America After College

by on 2016-10-06

In this edition of Minding Your Business, DB and her guests discuss how to succeed in the businesses in America after graduating college.


Minding Your Business – Out to Lunch

by on 2016-09-23

On this episode, DB and her guests discuss how people have lunch, whether it’s going out, or enjoying it at work.


Minding Your Business – Minding Your Money

by on 2016-04-27

In this green edition of Minding Your Business, host DB Hegler talks about the future of money and its implications for business owners. To learn more, she spoke to guests Dan Littman and Will Hernandez.


Minding Your Business – Exit Strategy

by on 2016-04-20

In this helpful episode, host DB Hegler examines the importance of having an exit strategy from a bad job and of having a plan to find a new job or switch industries. To do so, she speaks with the experts, Dr. Sunny Lurie and Viki Salemi.


Minding Your Business – Beyond Your Paycheck

by on 2016-04-13

In this relevant edition of Minding Your Business, host DB Hegler discusses the perks of a job beyond the paycheck you receive at the end of the week. What types of benefits should you ask for in an interview? To find out, she asked experts John Siuda, Doug Claffey, and Lori Whisper.


Minding Your Business – Special Needs in the Workplace

by on 2016-04-06

In this informative edition of Minding Your Business, host DB Hegler talks about the effort to help persons with disabilities to enter and thrive in the workplace. To cover the topic, DB talks with knowledgeable guests Kevin Martin, Tony Jones, and Mick Latkovich.


Minding Your Business – Plan B

by on 2016-03-30

In this relevant edition, host DB Hegler talks about the importance of having a backup plan. To properly assess the topic, she talks to two of the experts, David Murray and Marilee MacAskill.


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