As a WJCU listener, you play a crucial role in helping us bring live, non-commercial content to the greater Cleveland area and the world. During our annual Radiothon this week, we ask you to help us continue our mission by pledging your support with a modest donation.

Every penny of your Radiothon donation is used by WJCU to meet ever-increasing technology and operational expenses. Every one of us is essential in keeping WJCU healthy and strong!

Donate today to come together for WJCU

Premium gifts

As our way of saying thanks for your support, we’ll send you one of our awesome gifts:

Online or call-in

Thank you letter

Everyone pledging at the $10 level or above will receive a thank you and acknowledgement letter from the WJCU staff that serves as a donation confirmation for tax purposes.
Above the $10 level, we have a number of selectable premiums. These gifts are not cumulative—you will only receive the premium at the level you select.
Online or call-in

WJCU lanyard -or- WJCU card holder

WJCU lanyard mock-up Manage your cards, keys, or other small objects with ease while simultaneously increasing your exposure to our timeless omni-directional logo. Can’t choose? Donate at the $50 level to receive both.
Call-in only! Limited hours and availablity

Merchant of the Day gift card or DJ special

Two $40 premiums are available only by phone at specific times:
  • Heights Merchants of the Day: A $10 gift card from a local business (only available during The Heights):
  • Show-specific items: Certain DJs will announce a special item only available when you pledge during their shows. If you’d like a special item from your favorite show, be sure to listen this week and phone in!
Online or call-in

WJCU lanyard -and- WJCU card holder

WJCU lanyard mock-up More logos, less decisions! Manage even more of your stuff with both the lanyard and the keychain and double the number of physical WJCU logos you can spin around.
Online or call-in
WJCU Radiothon 2021 shirt design

WJCU special edition T-shirt

New! Limited edition! A T-shirt bearing the Radiothon 2021 “Come Together for WJCU” logo. Full-sized graphic on the front. Sizes S – XL.
Online or call-in
WJCU logo umbrella

WJCU logo umbrella

Ready for spring? Be even more prepared with a trusy rain shield featuring our ever-reliable logo.
Call-in only! Limited hours and availablity

Pick the playlist

Contribute to your favorite show by choosing up to ten songs for the show’s playlist! This is only available for some shows. Tune in this week to find out if your favorite show is participating—the host will mention the playlist option if it’s available.

Pledge information

WJCU needs your support! We ask only once a year for your financial support in keeping us on the air. WJCU is a 501-C3 not-for-profit organization and your contribution is tax-deductible.

You can call us at 1-216-397-4438 to donate by phone or pledge online.

Our online donation system is set up securely, so no one at the station or the university will ever see your credit card information. WJCU will never sell or share your information. We value our relationship with you!

For pledges by check, be advised that we will not send invoices or reminders. In order to receive your premium on time, be sure to mail your check as soon as possible. Please send checks, payable to “WJCU”, to:

WJCU Radio
1 John Carroll Blvd.
University Heights, OH 44118

You will receive an acknowledgment letter suitable for IRS record-keeping shortly after we receive your check. Please allow up to 4 additional weeks for delivery of your premium, which ships separately.

More info

For even more information, check out:

While we’re remote physically, the only way we can continue making great radio is together. We greatly appreciate your help in making Radiothon 2021 a success and keeping WJCU on the air for years to come!