Outspoken Cyclist – 3/15/2024

Today’s episode features two very accomplished guests.

First up is Mike Lydon – and where to begin! Well, let’s see.. Mike is an internationally recognized planner, writer, speaker, and advocate for livable cities.

But wait, there’s more; in fact, so much more that I would direct you to his website, street-plans.com where there is a great description of what he does and the accolades, and projects he’s been part of are enumerated.

Mike Lydon seems to have been “born to” the profession of urban planning with a love for towns and cities from his childhood.  His work has been acclaimed far and wide and he thinks about what we can do on both a micro and a macro level to realize better ways to make our cities livable and safe.

I want to make a correction to something I say early on in our conversation.  I mistakenly stated the year that the store I opened in downtown Cleveland was 1997; nope, the year it was opened was actually 1989.

In the second half of the show, Dr. Ralph Buehler will be back to speak with us about his part in a study about what happened with cycling during and after the pandemic.  Some of the findings might surprise you; some of them we already know; and, some of them give us insight into what we might expect in the future.

The COVID19 pandemic changed the way we behave in so many ways.  We found ourselves learning a new way of moving about, and whether it was going to and coming from work, shopping for groceries, or just getting outside for pleasure, the impact of the worldwide need to alter the way we travel is a topic of great interest to my guest, Dr. Ralph Buehler.