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Biblio Radio – Jan. 14, 2019

by on 2019-01-15

Heights Library’s Coventry Branch Manager Pat Gray describes an upcoming program series exploring suicide awareness and prevention, and talks about why this issue is more relevant now than ever.


Embrace Change: Check out our new Spring Schedule

by on 2019-01-13

Wordplay: Heritage

by on 2019-01-11

This is Wordplay with George Bilgere and John Donoghue! Everyone comes from a different background, this week, you can reflect on where you came from with an episode titles Heritage, featuring these poems. New Yorkers, by Ed Field The New Criticism, by Paul Hostosky A Hot Property, by Faith Shearin Heritage, by Louis Jenkins When […]


Biblio Radio – Jan. 7, 2019

by on 2019-01-09

Heights Libraries Deputy Director Kim DeNero-Ackroyd highlights how the library can help make 2019 a better year for everyone.


Wordplay: Walking Through Walls

by on 2019-01-04

This is Wordplay with George Bilgere and John Donoghue! A loaded lineup of poems is showcased in the first episode of the new year. The Darkling Thrush, by Thomas Hardy Spell Against Gods, by Patrick Phillips Travelers, by Philip Larkin Walking Through a Wall, by Louis Jenkins Against Endings, by Dorianne Laux Telephone Repairman, by […]


Here’s what we’ve got planned for 2019

by on 2019-01-01

Wordplay: Solstice Tree

by on 2018-12-21

This is Wordplay with George Bilgere and John Donoghue! In honor of the Winter solstice, this week’s episode is titled, Solstice Tree. Your Luck is About to Run Out, by Susan Howe The Oxen, by Thomas Hardy As Seen at the Uffizi, by Dan Brown Follower, by Seamus Heaney The Cadillac in the Attic, by […]


Wordplay: Plane Flight

by on 2018-12-13

This is Wordplay with George Bilgere and John Donoghue! Go up, up and away in this week’s episode of Wordplay: Plane Flight. Anthropophagy, by Thomas Lux Baby, by Ron Carlson Say You’re Breathing, by Thomas Lux The Book Stalls, Linda Pastan In the Unlikely Event of a Water Landing, by Don Colburn At the Pitch, […]


Biblio Radio – Dec. 10, 2018

by on 2018-12-11

Heights Libraries has a new technology podcast, Library Binary.


Biblio Radio – Dec. 3, 2018

by on 2018-12-11

Heights Library’s Director Nancy Levin fills us in the on Coventry PEACE Park Survey results.


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