“The Chosen” Now Playing

playhouse1.jpgNow playing at The Cleveland Playhouse until November 25th, “The Chosen” is the subject of Uncle Fred’s latest edition of WJCU’s “Arts on the Heights.” Listen in to hear a brief synopsis and hear which actors stand out with brilliant performances in this play based off the famous novel by Cha├»m Potok. This play enjoys one of Uncle Fred’s best reviewed remarks this season so make a trip to check this one out for certain!


On the Air

Hodge Podge

w/Ben Chillan - Various
Hovsep Gyanki Hame @6:18
Agas Vardanyan Ari Ari @6:13
Garo Hajjar Zourna @6:08
Arman Tovmasyan Yerazin Acthgi @6:04
Karo & Zara Hovakimyan Es Sirum Em Kez @5:55
Vosbikian Band Harsuntzu @5:50
Parsegh Ganachian Hoy Nar @5:29
Sargis Araqelyan Ari @5:25
Shogaken Ensamble Kamancha @5:21
arman hovanisyan Sirovel Em @5:12
Artash Asatryan Gisorner @5:07
Veratun Erikian Ampel E @5:03

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