You Can’t Rush Art!

cmaexter.jpgAfter years of a massive expansion and renovation project, the world renowned Cleveland Museum of Art in University Circle is starting to look a bit more like normal.

WJCU’s Uncle Fred of Arts on the Heights takes us on a tour of this mighty facility and says why stopping by during construction has its own special benefits including free admission and sale prices in the Museum Store.

Inside this huge cathedral of the arts there are now 19 art galleries open showcasing over 900 masterpieces. And though construction continues, you’ll get to see a behind-the-scenes look at what the final product (coming Summer 2009) will be like; truly a work of art in itself!

To find out more information about the Cleveland Museum of Art’s building project and vision, click here.


On the Air

Golden Earring Back Home @12:35
The Damned Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow @12:30
The Fleshtones The Dreg @12:25
The Strokes The Modern Age @12:20
The Frightnrs Nothing More to Say @12:15
Ian Gomm Come On @12:12
The Saints Stranded @12:09
The Upper Crust High Fallutin @12:04
The Upper Crust Rabble Rouser @12:00
The Sisters Kick Your Boots Off @11:56
The Streakers Turn Me Down @11:53
Sweeney Todd Tantalize @11:49