Sonos Interview Now Available as a Podcast

Laurie’s live studio interview with Sonos is now available as a music scooped WJCU podcast. Don’t miss your chance to catch the a capella group everybody’s talking about on their Cleveland tour stop at Around The Corner on March 6th at 7:00 pm.


On the Air

Latin Lingo

w/La Voz - Spanish and Latin American
Aterciopelados feat. Sidestepper Rio @8:55
Sidestepper Come See Us Play @8:48
Sidestepper Magangue @8:40
Sidestepper Supernatural Love @8:34
Sidestepper Fuego que te llama @8:28
Sidestepper Mas Papaya @8:24
Sidestepper Deja (Mary) @8:18
Sidestepper Linda Manigua @8:11
Sidestepper Hoy Tenemos @8:03
Hachig Kazarian Medley @6:56
Aram Asatryan Dszaran @6:27
Karnig Sarkissian Housher @6:22

Red's Ramblin' Road

@9 pm w/Michelle - Classic Country