The Outspoken Cyclist – 07/16/2011

Local, state and Federal budgets have been a subject of much contention over the past few months. And bicycling infrastructure and other accommodations are perennial targets when it comes to pointing out projects “the government has no business spending money on.” After all, the conventional wisdom says, how can we spend money we don’t have on something as frivolous as cycling?

This week, we have two guests who will help us cut through the rhetoric and better understand the current transportation funding picture, and how bicycles, pedestrians, buses and wheelchairs fit (or don’t fit) into that mix.

First up is Barbara McCann of the Complete Streets Coalition. Complete Streets works to ensure conventional transportation projects such as roads and bridges are designed to work for all street users, not just cars and trucks. Listen to find out some of the surprising members of this coalition, and what they’re doing to make all streets complete streets.

After a bit of news and banter, Diane welcomes Tim Blumenthal of Bikes Belong. Bikes Belong works on a number fronts to ‘put more people on bicycles more often’. One of those fronts is the People for Bikes pledge campaign, where you can stand up and be counted as someone who supports cycling in the U.S.