The Outspoken Cyclist – 08/13/2011

The oppressive heat of July and early August has moderated a bit, and we treat ourselves and our listeners to a couple of very cool guests this week on the Outspoken Cyclist.

Our first guest, Richard Schwinn, of Waterford Precision Cycles has appeared on the show before, but he always has something fresh, interesting and worthwhile to say. Today is no exception, as Richard and Diane cover frame materials, bike polo and the economics of transportation.

After our usual overview of the week’s cycling news, Diane welcomes Josh “Too Tall” Simonds to the show. Josh is an IT Guy, tandem racer, dog lover, PBP finisher, and founder of Velocipede Salon, a virtual community where you and I can hang with frame builders and other cycling luminaries. What a character!

We hope you enjoy this outstanding discussion with two of the most interesting dudes in cycling. Now get out there and ride!