Meet Your Police

In this installment of Heights Now, we talk to a Cleveland Heights police officer and residents about Meet Your Police a weekly event where residents can meet with a police officer to discuss concerns and get answers.


On the Air

Hachig Kazarian Medley @6:56
Harout Pamboukjian Ha Nina @6:50
Gayane Danielyan Trchunnere lav lur berin @6:40
Gayane Danielyan Markerus Mnats @6:29
Christine Pepelyan & Arman Hovhannisyan Erb Indz Het Es @6:24
Aram Asatryan Jamboutsouin @6:17
Nersik Ispirian Esbastsouem @6:11
Sofi Mkheyan Deghin gnacq @6:05
Arman Hovhannisyan Siro Husher @5:55
Armenchik-Harout Pamboukjian Ancir Ay Getak @5:50
Sirvart Arapian Kef Yerk @5:31
Inga & Anush Arshakyanner Tamzara @5:27

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