TheOutspoken Cyclist – 10/15/2011

Sunny and unseasonably warm has turned to windy, rainy and chilly in northeast Ohio, a sure sign that the riding season is winding down for 2011. My season came to an abrupt end last weekend, for reasons you’ll hear in the opening minutes of this week’s show. More importantly though, we have two great guests with ideas for how to focus your cycling energies while you can’t get outside and ride.

First up is Andy Clarke, Executive Director of the League of American Bicyclists. The LAB is over 130 years old, and its original mission was to lobby for the paving of roads so bicycles could more easily traverse them. Andy will give us his perspective on the current legislative climate in Washington, DC, and provide a nice overview of what the LAB is doing today.

Our second guest is Mia Kohout, co-publisher of Momentum magazine, based in Vancouver, BC. Momentum is one of a number of great new niche publications about cycling, and its focus is on “smart living by bike”. Specifically, Mia and her team want to reach new riders, prospective riders, with emphasis on bringing more women into the world of pedaling. Any magazine with a column entitled “Bike Curious” gets my vote for creativity and sense of fun.

All this and the news on this week’s edition of The Outspoken Cyclist.