The Outspoken Cyclist – 12/21/2013

If you were alive and living in the United States at any point in the 20th century, the name Schwinn needs no further, and likely evokes some fond memories of an when the bikes everyone wanted were made in Chicago, Illinois. Whether it was a Varsity, Continental, or Sting-Ray, Schwinn was the coveted brand. Although Schwinn-branded bikes are still being produced, our guests today are two members of the Schwinn family who are making their mark on cycling in the 21st century.

First up is Richard Schwinn, great-grandson of Ignaz Schwinn, who founded the eponymous bicycle company. Richard is a frequent flyer on The Outspoken Cyclist, and we always look forward to his insights and opinions (of which there is no shortage). Richard of course, is the proprietor of Waterford and Gunnar, and has been busy making frames for a new bicycle company called Shinola (which bought the name from the now-defunct shoe polish company). Richard holds forth on this and many other topics, including the dubious benefit of disc brakes on road bikes.

After a break and the news, we continue our “Schwinn-derful” show by welcoming Anna Schwinn (Richard’s daughter) who is making a name for herself as a bike designer. She started out with Zipp Speed Weaponry, and is now the head engineer at All City Cycles, a QBP brand. Anna is also involved in promoting women’s racing in her new home of Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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