The Outspoken Cyclist – 12/28/2013

It’s time to pack 2013 in a sturdy box, tape the lid shut, and store it away with all the other completed years. But before we do, let’s take a final look, courtesy of two friends of The Outspoken Cyclist. Don’t worry, there are no top ten lists here, and no soft-focus retrospectives, just honest conversations about what happened on two wheels over the past 12 months.

First up is Steve Magas, an attorney practicing in the state of Ohio, specializing in bicycle crash and injury cases. Diane and Steve start this week’s show with a look back at some of the notable events involving cyclists and the law, including some high profile bike-car collisions. Check out Steve’s website for some great data about crash circumstances. We can’t control for the “random acts of intoxication or stupidity” but by looking at how the majority of crashes happen, we can take steps to avoid those situations, or at least be extra vigilant around them.

Our last official guest of 2013 is Patrick Brady, publisher of Red Kite Prayer. Patrick was recently awarded with a silver medal in the Lowell Thomas Travel Writing Competition, sponsored by the Society of American Travel Writers Foundatino. Today, Patrick is here to talk about the impact of doping scandals on pro racing, equipment trends, charity rides, and what he has planned for 2014.


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