The Outspoken Cyclist – June 28, 2014

Welcome to our 200th Show! It’s been a privilege to bring you everything cycling for all these weeks and I hope we can bring you many more! Here’s a bit of information on this week’s show.

Discovered through the “twittersphere” by Editor-in-Chief of Velo Magazine, my first guest, Dan Wuori shares his particular brand of cycling – both humorous and serious – with us as my first guest this evening.

Out of an “innocent” comment on his twitter feed, Dan was asked to write for the iconic magazine and has since found himself in the enviable position of being the author of “At the Back” – the humorous-editorializing piece that appears each month on the back page of Velo News.

He also covers races and personalities through his work on Tour Chats (currently on hiatus but about to reappear in the not-too-distant future,) with his on-air partner Neil Browne.

Dan also gives us his views on our U.S. National Championship winners Dr. Eric Marcotte and Alison Powers, the Tour de France, and more…

We’ll also talk with Bike Cleveland’s Jacob vanSickle who will share some positive ideas about how we here in Cleveland are working with government and law enforcement to start making cyclists (and pedestrians) safer on the roads.


On the Air

Vandenberg's Moonkings Sailing Ships @1:25
Nebula Strange Human @1:20
Nebula Strange Human @1:19
Earthless Sonic Prayer @12:59
Fu Manchu No Warning @12:55
Ace Frehley Space Invader @12:50
Accept Stampede @12:45
Entombed A. D. Soldier of No Fortune @12:39
Valley of the Sun Centaur Rodeo @12:33
Unida Thorn @12:27
Kyuss Space Cadet @12:20
John Garcia 5000 Miles @12:17

The Heights at Night

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