The Outspoken Cyclist – 8/9/2014

This week, we welcome the Gay Games to Cleveland! And, I speak with Angie Ridgel about her role as coordinator of several of the cycling events. With over 8,000 athletes and 35 events, Cleveland will be rocking and rolling from North to South and East t West! Welcome!

Women’s cycling is finally becoming the star that needs to shine brightly for our sport. The famed Specialized-Lululemon team will be ending its contract with these two sponsors at years’ end and I speak with the team owner/manager Krysti Scrymgeour about Project-X, the new crowd funding venture to give everyone an opportunity to “own” a pro cycling team. Krysti believes that this innovative idea will bring a lot of attention, not only from likely sponsors, but to the dilemma of funding women’s racing in general. It’s time to step it up a notch!

Finally, poet, author, and Red Kite Prayer blogger Patrick Brady will talk with us about his book “Why We Ride” and read a chapter. Padraig has thought long and hard about the many years and many miles he’s ridden and has eloquently put those thoughts into short beautifully written chapters you can pick up and read any time of day or night.