The Outspoken Cyclist – 2/28/2015

On this last day of February, I think we have an outstanding show for you!  We actually have bright sun and temperatures in the double digits – yep! So, I’m in a great mood for talking bikes!

We are only a few days away from the Handmade Show and, as promised, we have another great frame builder with us to talk about his long history in the craft.  Steve Potts of  Steve Potts Bicycles in Petaluma, California is one of the originators of the 29er bike WAY back when and along with Charlie Cunningham, Steve originated the Type II fork (among other things!).  He fabricates pretty much exclusively in titanium now – and for practical as well as aesthetic reasons.

He tells us about his shop, his favorite tools, and how being called a “machinist” is a compliment to him.  All the bikes Steve will have in his booth at NAHBS are already spoken for and are examples of his work.  Steve will also be a member of my frame builder’s panel next Friday morning.

We plum ran out of time for news this week, so we head right on out to San Francisco where professional bike fitter, physical therapist, and certified coach Curtis Cramblett, owner and founder of Revolutions in Fitness,  joins us for a comprehensive conversation on how his holistic view of the bike-body connection is integrated into his work.

Curtis starts with an interview, moves on to how you look on your bike, and then puts your history into the mix to achieve maximum comfort, power, and performance on your bike.  He wants to “enhance human potential” regardless of whether you are an elite triathlete or a recreational rider.

Remember that next week’s show will be pre-recorded and that I will be in Louisville, Kentucky for the 11th annual North American Handmade Show.  Please search me out if you are there and say hello.